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A Natural Way to Heal Tension

Raynor Massage is an intuitive, deep tissue style of massage.

Our specialty is to remove all 4 layers of tension: Thinking, Physical, Emotional and Traumatic. Here’s how a trained Raynor Massage Specialists works to resolve your mind and body:

Thinking Layer of Tension – Slow mind chatter, ease the active mind and calm anxious thoughts.

Physical Layer of Tension – Seek to resolve aches, pains, posture imbalances, soreness, tight muscles, restricted mobility and chronic injuries, along with other medical and physical conditions.

Emotional Layer of Tension – Identify how emotional tension manifests into mental and physical issues (how “dis-ease” can often develop into “disease”). Release emotional tension by massaging the abdomen, feet, knees, hands, hips, head and chest.

Traumatic Tension – Ease the effects of long-term tension on the cellular structure of the mind and body. These are often a result of a life-threatening situation; such as a horrific car accident, physical assault, sexual assault, or grief. Raynor Massage has been very successful in helping to lessen the symptoms and effects of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Debilitating Anxiety and many other physical and mental ailments triggered by severe trauma.


What is Raynor Naturopathic Massage?

RAYNOR MASSAGE incorporates elements of Thai massage, Lomi lomi, Ayurvedic massage, shiatsu and Reflexology as well as Breathwork. It is so healing because it treats the body holistically and takes into account your physical, mental, emotional and traumatic tension that you are storing in your body and releases blockages so your body and mind can feel optimal.

Expect accupressure points along the body's meridians, much like in Chinese Accupuncture.

I use my elbows to get into these points and dissolve tension, but don't be afraid- I work on a pressure scale between 1 and 10 and I will not take you above your comfort level. For deep healing to occur, it's best to get you to a pressure level of 7-9 for a period of time, but you will be able to breathe the tension out and will see that the pressure releases quite quickly. I realize that everyone has a different perception of pressure or pain, and I will work with you to make sure you are comfortable and feel safe.

I work in a system along the "bands" or meridians of the body. Bands are just another word for energy pathways that run along the body, much like the Chinese Meridians in Accupuncture. These bands are the pathways that store the most tension or energy blockages in the body. In Raynor Massage, there are 12 main bands that we deal with, seen below. Some bands run along the front body, while others run along the backbody and the extremities.

This style of massage can be great as deep tissue, pregnancy or sports rehabilitation massage. You may even experience profound emotional releases of stored trauma in your body. I provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to experience deep healing work. Lasting results are seen when multiple sessions are carried out. We all have layers of tension in our bodies (trapped emotions, energy blockages, trauma, physical pain and mental chatter that needs to be cleared away). We can begin peeling these away like the layers of an onion. Instead of treating a particular symptom or area, we treat the whole body in a holistic approach.

It's important to note here that Raynor massage has a large emphasis on reflexology points in the hands and feet. Most massage practitioners do not spend a lot of time on these areas, but in Raynor the ideology is that our hands, feet, head and abdomen are considered our roots of tension. Therefore, to relieve any physical ailments, we must start at the roots. I also offer hand and foot reflexology treatments on their own, because addressing these roots is so important.

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