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A Natural Way to Heal Tension

Raynor Massage is an intuitive, deep tissue style of massage.

Our specialty is to remove all 4 layers of tension: Thinking, Physical, Emotional and Traumatic. Here’s how a trained Raynor Massage Specialists works to resolve your mind and body:

Thinking Layer of Tension – Slow mind chatter, ease the active mind and calm anxious thoughts.

Physical Layer of Tension – Seek to resolve aches, pains, posture imbalances, soreness, tight muscles, restricted mobility and chronic injuries, along with other medical and physical conditions.

Emotional Layer of Tension – Identify how emotional tension manifests into mental and physical issues (how “dis-ease” can often develop into “disease”). Release emotional tension by massaging the abdomen, feet, knees, hands, hips, head and chest.

Traumatic Tension – Ease the effects of long-term tension on the cellular structure of the mind and body. These are often a result of a life-threatening situation; such as a horrific car accident, physical assault, sexual assault, or grief. Raynor Massage has been very successful in helping to lessen the symptoms and effects of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Debilitating Anxiety and many other physical and mental ailments triggered by severe trauma.


What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a form of energy work. Reiki is known as the universal life force energy that is in all things, including us. When we experience stress, difficult emotions and traumas those things are stored in our body and create energy blockages which can manifest into various health conditions. The Reiki practitioner uses her hands to intuitively feel where the energy is blocked in the body. It may feel like a warm or dense spot where energy is not flowing properly. The practitioner hovers or places her hands on the body and channels the reiki life force energy to open blockages and clear the energy pathways. You may feel energy start to open up and flow through the body, may feel heat or cold, or tingling in the body. The effects take place over the course of the next few days and weeks. Reiki energy goes where it is needed. The practitioner is not the healer. Rather, they are a conduit that allows the reiki energy to flow where it is needed in the body so that the client can access their own healing abilities.

Reiki can help alleviate suffering in many different ways. It can release stored trauma and grief that is stored in the body, it can balance the hemispheres of the mind. It can clear away mental chatter and negative emotions. It can alleviate depression and anxiety, headaches, muscle aches and pains, injuries such as broken bones.

Think of reiki energy as a wave of high vibrational light from source that flows through the practitioner's hands and goes to where it is needed in the body to promote healing.

The reason the practitioner is able to pass this energy through their hands is through an attunement process. Once the practitioner has been attuned to reiki energy they will be attuned for life, and that will remain strong through frequent reiki energy channeling.

How does Reiki work in the Body?

Our body has a natural electromagnetic frequency that it prefers to resonate with. When all levels of the body are in harmony with that frequency, communication is strong.

The body loses its effectiveness to heal and maintain homeostasis when the lines of communication within the body are disrupted. These disruptions occur when we store energy that is dissonent with our natural resonance.

We tend to store energy in the form of memories and beliefs and as they accumulate around the same theme, the strong dissonance begin. Where our bodies once operated as a perfectly timed symphony, with conflicting energy stored, we have many instruments out of tune and sync.

When a body receives reiki energy, it is like having a light to make the body aware of the energy that is not serving it. The practitioner does not decide what needs to be released or when, the wisdom of the body does. The practitioner holds space for the bodymind to see the possibilities it can choose from with regard to healing so the body is no longer tied to a dysfunctional way of being.

Once the body has chosen what it is ready to address, it can systematically release stored energy at a cellular level connected with the imbalance. The cells then begin functioning as intended and the healing occurs on a physical as well as an emotional and mental level.

With the body vibrating at a more natural state, harmony and peace on all levels can be restored.


Chakra means spinning wheel of energy or energy centre in Sanskrit.

Each of these centres is associated with specific organs, endocrines, issues, emotions, colours and elements.

Balancing these centres can have a physical, emotional and spiritual effect on an individual. In a Reiki session the physical aspects of the body are balanced as well as your energetic centres.

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