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Hi, I'm Kaitlin. I am happy that you are here!

I am a Certified Raynor Naturopathic Massage and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. In other words, I am a holistic body worker and energy worker. It is my mission to shine my light and help others heal on a mental, physical, emotional, traumatic and spiritual level.

Since birth, I have been a highly empathetic and sensitive person- I am sensitively attuned to other people's energies & emotions. I am a clairsentient- meaning
I have a nurturing energy and love to help people improve their lives and feel their best. My emotional intelligence and compassion is my greatest gift that I enjoy offering the world.

I rely on my gifts of empathy, clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairvoyance (intuitive knowledge of things and people) to tune into my clients' vibrations and transmute denser energies. I can sense and feel people's emotions (grief, rage, etc.) sense traumas and where they are trapped in the body (trapped emotions are always tied to a trauma). I can sense mental, emotional and physical pain, and where it is held in your body & energetic system. These gifts allow me to identify the source of your ailments, release what isn't serving, balance the energies and transmute denser energies into a higher vibration. This will leave you feeling an overall sense of wellness on a mental, emotiona, physical and spiritual level.

I started my business, Soul Glow Healing, in the spring of 2021 with the goal of offering holistic healing to the Okanagan. I believe that healing ourselves is the most empowering and important work that we can do in this life, especially during transitional times on planet earth.

I am committed to lifelong learning of spirituality, healing, body work and energy work and I love sharing this knowledge and passion with others. It is the most positive energy exchange that is fulfilling and gratifying to both me and my clients. I am here to create transformations in consciousness, and whole body wellbeing.

In 2022, I plan to take my Masters Level in Reiki and begin offering teachings of Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses. I also plan to create interactive workshops and a weekly Reiki Circle in the Okanagan to build a community of empowered energy healers. Eventually my vision is to facilitate Spiritual workshops and retreats around BC and throughout the world.

Thank you all for supporting me in my business. 
Love and light to all

-Kaitlin, Owner and Operator of Soul Glow Healing


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